Referring Studios

Total Balance Pilates works with other Pilates studios and would like to recommend 
some studios to visit
 if you are in their area.I can recommend these studios because we share similar philosophies and I know 
you will have a safe,enjoyable workout.
I am currently working in conjunction with Pilates Shop/Yoga Garage in NYC for teacher training.
Please see their website for more information

Pilates Shop/Yoga Garage
Owners: Peter and Maxine Roel
2805 Broadway, NYC 10025
(212) 316-9164                                                                
Elisa Bluming Studio                                                       Pilates and More
Owner: Elisa Bluming                                                         Owner: Valeria Barreto
118 North 11th Street - 3rd Floor                                         129 Main Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11249                                           Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
(917) 868-6916                                                                  (914) 478-3560